Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My first week = in the books!

After a rough start (ok, just the first 2 days) I feel like I have really adjusted well to life in the city. Last Monday after work I met up with a new friend for happy hour, and it just went up from there.

The UMAA has actually been a saving grace, as they have plenty of social events, so that's been fun.

I guess Saturday was my real first night out on the town...and it all started at a UMAA hockey viewing event (obviously I watched football instead). After that, I went out to 40/40 with Micah, which was really great. It was the first time we hung out although I had been in town for a week.

On Sunday, Kelly was officially in town, so we spent the afternoon talking and walking around lower Manhattan. We stopped at this adorable little pub to watch the Giants game; unfortunately they lost. (But good news! Micah got re-signed!)

Sunday night I finally took Micah out for his belated birthday dinner. We went to Buona Sera, a charming little Italian restaurant near Union Square; it was great.

On Monday after work Kelly and I look at an apartment -- SoHo is a no-go. I guess before we go any further she wants to make sure she has a job. She has about seven interviews set up this week. I'm sure something will come of it, she is a smart, talented cookie.

One thing I am
really looking forward to is the Gopher basketball game on Thursday. We are watching it at Mad River, the official UW bar in NYC. (And yes, I will be ordering a brat and cheesecurds.)

Good news! Eva booked her flight to NYC for my birthday. I highly, highly recommend anyone coming this way (or really, anywhere) to fly
AirTran. She got her flight from Milwaukee to New York for only $187! My flight here was $104.

Anyway, I should get going. This day/week is jam-packed :-)

PS: I still miss my Minneapolis people!

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